(ENGLISH)- Formation courses

CASA AFRICA FORMATION for young immigrants and italians

With an innovative and intelligent training project, the school Casa Africa will involve young people in disadvantaged conditions by inserting them into professional paths which will become an opportunity for cultural growth and progress, not only for those directly interested but for the entire society.

The courses will see young people engaging in the acquisition of skills that will ease their entrance into the job market. The culinary art in its thousand shades will see them protagonists in Italian and international cuisine courses in pastry, bakery, pizzeria and ice cream parlor. They will be trained in the field of workplace safety by HACCP professionals.

The novelty is that this will take place in a cooperative-multicultural context since the students will be from Italy and other countries. This will encourage them to feel like world citizens that also needs their contribution to be better. A personal realization that will undoubtedly benefit from the intercultural exchange and open-mindedness favored by this type of relationship.

At the end of each course students will be able to choose whether to continue their journey by entering the job market in Italy or go back to their country and put the skills they have learned into practice.

Twenty of them will be chosen to open small start-ups in Africa with the support of tutors/ambassadors who will accompany them and guide them in the realization of the micro business project abroad.

The exchange will go both ways since Italian students will also be able to put their knowledge into practice in other countries and acquiring skills and knowledge of foreign job markets.

Casa Africa strongly believes in this innovative approach to social policy. We want to create professional paths that are both a source of spiritual growth and an opportunity for economic development.

We are convinced that the acquisition of so-called “life skills” is useful for managing emotions in social relationships. The lack of these skills always causes negative and violent behavior. In this sense, our courses aim to combine skills by enhancing diversity and are in themselves vehicles of integration as they aim at the creation of multicultural businesses.